Sustainable living today and tomorrow

We can't stop climate change without After all, about a third of all CO2 emissions are caused by buildings.

Cities in particular have a key role in achieving national climate goals and becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

It's about more than just climate-neutral housing stock. It's also about creating vibrant green cities with lots of quality of life, where residents feel good.

At Deutsche Wohnen, we're aware of our key position and our responsibility in this regard. That's why we've set ambitious targets and are aiming to make our housing stock climate-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, we're investing in sustainable energy supply, backing eco-friendly mobility and making our spaces more eco-friendly to help boost biodiversity.

“If you're talking about climate action, you can't get away from the property sector.”

works towards climate-neutral housing

How Kati helps make housing eco-friendly

People like Kati ensure Deutsche Wohnen achieves these goals.

Her role as CSR manager is to develop Deutsche Wohnen's sustainability strategy and entrench it in the company's processes.

Kati is working towards a greener future for the property sector. She works with her colleagues from different specialist departments to implement a strategic sustainability programme that the Management Board signs off every year. This includes timetabled objectives in four different areas: company management, customers and properties, environment and climate, staff, and social responsibility.

Kati and her team summarise progress the annual sustainability report.Various sustainability ratings also act as key indicators for her work. They evaluate the company’s performance based on specific criteria in the fields of environment, social responsibility and company management, revealing potential areas for improvement in line with international standards. Her work offers an insight into Deutsche Wohnen's sustainability performance and the ability to compare and contrast. It forms the foundations for the establishment and development of the company’s sustainability strategy. Transparency in reporting and Deutsche Wohnen’s efforts in terms of sustainability are also continuing to move ahead.

Driving sustainable, green neighbourhoods

Kati sees herself and her team as the catalysts for sustainable projects and concepts that they introduce in other areas of the company, such as landscaping management, human resources and neighbourhood management. That’s where concepts such as efficient heating systems and smart home solutions designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2-emissions come into play. Her work also involves pushing forward with the use of sustainable building materials and methods in new construction projects. After all, the entire carbon footprint is a crucial aspect of a building’s life cycle. Efforts towards ensuring greater biodiversity in Deutsche Wohnen’s neighbourhoods are also playing an increasing role in setting strategic targets. Accordingly, lawns are being turned into natural meadows, offering wild bees and other insects a new home. Urban gardening projects are being launched in collaboration with tenants. They're delighted to help shape their environment. This helps create vibrant neighbourhoods they're happy to live in.

Climate action – a shared responsibility

It’s especially important to Kati that the “Where life lives” campaign demonstrates Deutsche Wohnen’s contribution to sustainable housing.
At the same time, it’s important to emphasise that climate action only works if we work together. The world of politics, business and society must come together to reverse climate change.

Without socially responsible solutions for energy refurbishment in the construction sector, this won't be achieved. Housing is a basic need and must remain affordable for tenants. At the same time, there must be no letup in sustainable upgrades of residential properties to make them fit for the future.

More information on our climate action and
sustainability projects

Socially responsible climate action in the property sector

One per cent of all buildings in Germany undergo energy-related modernisation each year. However, to achieve climate goals, a minimum of 2.5% must be refurbished. These projects also involve tenants, who are increasingly worried that they may no longer be able to afford their homes once they’ve been upgraded. With our climate action concept, we’re striving for a socially responsible solution.

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Efficient and eco-friendly

Deutsche Wohnen is taking energy supply into its own hands – whether through partnerships with supply companies, our own thermal power stations, the use of renewable energy or solar panel systems in our neighbourhoods. That creates sustainability and offers benefits for our tenants, too.

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The principle of responsibility

Keeping tomorrow in view – this is what all of our actions today are about. Our responsibility to the future is the guide for our decisions in the here and now with regard to our employees, our tenants, our properties and climate protection. For us, sustainability means taking the manifold needs of all generations in society into account. We want to enable people to live and flourish together in their homes by making people’s satisfaction and an intact environment our top priority. This is what we are committed to.

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A new home for bees

According to the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, around half of Germany’s wild bee species are at risk of extinction. We have recognised the need for action and are turning more and more of our outdoor spaces into wildflower meadows.

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