Neighbourhoods full of life

It isn’t just your own four walls that make a home.

It's everything else around you: the neighbours, the green and leisure spaces, the amenities, the schools and nurseries, and the transport connections.
From classic modern estates and bigger housing developments to stylish old buildings – Deutsche Wohnen offers a variety of different types of property.

We want to create vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods for our tenants – places to feel good in. That’s why we’re making extensive and sustainable investments in maintaining and modernising our portfolio, ensuring that our neighbourhoods will remain great places to live – in future, too.

“People should have everything they need on their doorstep, When you get home from work, you should have as big a choice as possible – as close to home as can be. Whether it's restaurants, bars or sports facilities.”

creates neighbourhoods with variety

How Michael contributes to vibrant neighbourhoods in the city

It isn’t just neighbours who bring a neighbourhood to life – it’s the wide range of services and amenities on offer.

Michael wants to maintain and expand this variety. He works in commercial unit management at Deutsche Wohnen, where he strives to ensure neighbourhoods are home to the right blend of shops and businesses.
Nurseries, hairdressers and all kinds of different shops and businesses enhance everyday life in the local area. Michael and his colleagues are responsible for creating the right blend. They rent out available commercial spaces. In doing so, they try to avoid things like doubling up within the same neighbourhood.

Three restaurants in the same spot often makes no sense – for business owners or for residents. “We want to create a feeling of variety and life in the whole area,” says Michael. Green space and other places for retreat and reflection also play a key role in quality of life. Despite the lively atmosphere, there needs to be places where residents can go to relax and contemplate. This is particularly important to Michael, as he prefers to wind down at the end of the day.

Creating new ideas together

Communication with tenants and colleagues on site is crucial. They know the situation inside out and can tell what the neighbourhood really needs.

New and unique ideas that enrich the neighbourhood are welcome. If the people coming up with the ideas lack the funds to put them into action, Deutsche Wohnen will often step in to support the project. “We want to offer something for tenants in any case,” says Michael.

Social responsibility at its core

Michael emphasises that commercial offerings are just one part of what makes a vibrant neighbourhood. Social responsibility is another aspect of what sets communal living in Deutsche Wohnen buildings apart. This is evident from the commitment of tenants on site and the efforts of Deutsche Wohnen itself: “we’re always helping those in need, for instance, and we often provide social agencies and associations with premises rent-free.”

Michael and many other team members at Deutsche Wohnen are proud that their day-to-day work helps create more vibrant neighbourhoods. Places where tenants have everything they need to live their lives – right at their fingertips.

A few of our neighbourhoods

A bright new future for Hellersdorf

Visible from afar, the Hellersdorfer Promenade neighbourhood sparkles with the radiance of its new facades following a full refurbishment. And that’s not all: the approximately 1,300 residential and commercial units now offer state-of-the-art energy efficiency, too. Refurbishment of the six residential blocks was completed in 2019 – in time for the district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf’s 40th anniversary.

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Neighbourhood outreach

Around 300,000 people live in our residential units. We believe it is our duty to give help and support where it is needed. We promote a vibrant sense of togetherness and a lively neighbourhood spirit, concentrating on the neighbourhoods and cities where our properties are located.

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Village living in the heart of Dresden

In 1908, in what is now known as Dresden’s Hellerau district, Germany’s first ever garden city was born. Today it is an idyllic listed location with a marketplace at its heart, with an almost village-like character. Since 2017, Deutsche Wohnen has owned a total of 99 apartments on two sites here. Commercial spaces, parking and gardens are also included.

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Living in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Horseshoe Estate in Neukölln, the Weiße Stadt in Reinickendorf, the Carl Legien Estate in Pankow and the Siemensstadt Ring Estate in Spandau – Deutsche Wohnen’s four UNESCO World Heritage estates are hugely influential feats of architecture and urban planning. The purpose of these world-famous architectural marvels, built in the 1920s and 1930s, was to meet the needs of the people who lived in them. They were designed to offer flexible solutions, built to last. That’s why they still work today.

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