Happy new home

How Hans-Jürgen is filling his home with life

A whole life might not fit into an apartment, but the memories do – and Hans-Jürgen and his partner Rainer are passionate collectors of such mementos. And their new neighbours and green surroundings are also adding to their feeling of contentment. The couple feels right at home here and understood – also by Deutsche Wohnen, the company they let the apartment from.

Hans-Jürgen is in early retirement, 61 years old and a tenant of Deutsche Wohnen in Berlin-Marienfelde. He recently moved here together with his partner Rainer. The last traces of their move are still piled up in the corners. “We won’t be able to get drunk here because we’d cause far too much damage!” jokes Hans-Jürgen. Both are passionate collectors, as demonstrated by the samovar, 2,500 books, green shimmering uranium glass and decorative porcelain as far as the eye can see. Like a fellow occupant, the personal items they have accumulated over the years share the space with them.

An apartment full of memories is an apartment full of life

But these personal belongings are more than mere decoration. Every day they remind Hans-Jürgen of the special moments he has experienced throughout his life: “Over the years I have received many gifts from incredibly special people, which I like to take good care of. The samovar, for example, reminds me of a Ukrainian friend who is sadly no longer with us.”

But for Hans-Jürgen and Rainer, their own four walls are more than a place to store their memories. They are also a sanctuary and a safe haven.

“Things can always go wrong, so it’s good that I can rely on my neighbours.”

Culture vulture has settled right into life in his new neighbourhood

“We’ve had neighbours in other parts of the city who didn’t approve of Rainer and me living together as a couple. But that’s not the case here, or with Deutsche Wohnen either. The help we have received has been excellent and very efficient,” says Hans-Jürgen. He and his partner have quickly settled into life in their new surroundings, “which are lovely and green”.

Hans-Jürgen is also delighted with the service the couple has received from Deutsche Wohnen: “Our experience has been very different to that of other people renting housing in Berlin. Right after we moved in, we noticed that the plug sockets had blown. We gave Deutsche Wohnen a call and a short while later the technician was here. It was all very competent and fast.”

Our promise:
‘Where life lives’

All Deutsche Wohnen tenants should feel right at home. And our employees play a decisive role in that: from the invitation to the property viewing to the signing of the rent contract to repairing the plug sockets, they are always on hand to help wherever possible.

Districts, areas and neighbourhoods can also determine the happiness of people living in cities. That is why we develop future-oriented, sustainable and liveable residential and neighbourhood concepts – in close contact with those directly affected by them, the people who live nearby.

To ensure that everyone can find the right apartment in the right surroundings, there needs to be an adequate housing offer. That is why we choose to build in Germany’s metropolitan areas. And we attach great importance to careful urban planning and climate-friendly construction. Always with respect for the existing architecture. And always in keeping with our promise: ‘Where life lives’.

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