Kiez, Kotti, Kreuzberg – diversity has a partner

It’s the people who bring a neighbourhood to life.

Because they are the ones who will support you, celebrate with you and help you build your business – across generations. If you ask Semih, that’s definitely the case in Kreuzberg. And he also recognises the importance of having reliable partners like Deutsche Wohnen who understand their tenants.

Semih is a Kreuzberg local. He was born and bred here, and successfully set up his own business near Kottbusser Tor, which is affectionately known as ‘Kotti’.

He knows the ‘kiez’, or neighbourhood, and its people like no other. As soon as he steps out of his door, people come up to him to shake his hand and stop for a chat.

As Semih tells us, there is Turkish saying: “It’s not the house you buy that’s important, but the neighbourhood that it’s in.” The people who come by when you’re ill or to cheer on the local football team when there’s a match on. This social cohesion has defined Kreuzberg for decades and can open a lot of doors.

“Kreuzberg is also profiting from Deutsche Wohnen”

Stores, cafés and restaurants are the neighbourhood’s calling card; its representatives, so to speak. They are also what determine an area’s vibe, flair and community life. People measure a neighbourhood by what they see there. Love at first sight. Or perhaps not.

So it’s all the more important that diversity is a priority: “Kreuzberg profits from the fact that Deutsche Wohnen chooses not to rent out its properties to amusement arcades or betting shops,” says Semih.

“This area is full of memories, which is why I feel so at home in Kreuzberg.”

Owner of the biggest Allianz insurance agency in Germany

Semih is not only a Kreuzberg local, but also a tenant of Deutsche Wohnen. One of his agencies is located right next to Kottbusser Tor, the heart of the neighbourhood. He learnt the ropes of being self-employed and working with the housing association from his parents, who opened Kreuzberg’s first bistro in 1993 following a visit to Paris. Their first premises belonged to GSW Immobilien AG, which was taken over by Deutsche Wohnen.

“When Deutsche Wohnen says sorry…”

Deutsche Wohnen has accompanied Semih on his journey ever since. As well as a whole lot of positive experiences, there have also been some not so positive ones: “One of the oldest men’s cafés in Kreuzberg was going to have to be closed down due to refurbishments of the building. But when the mayor and local traders took a stand, Deutsche Wohnen rethought its decision and said: “Sorry, our mistake; it can stay how it is,” which was great.”

This example shows that listening, understanding and taking the necessary action can promote a reliable and resilient relationship that helps drive the neighbourhood forward: “When I was asked if I wanted to be part of the campaign, I said yes because Deutsche Wohnen’s building and project management team are doing a really good job,” says Semih.

Diversity is our mission

Deutsche Wohnen not only looks after neighbourhoods, quarters and districts, but also commercial and residential tenants. Because diversity and vibrancy are also in our own interests.

We need to act accordingly and be the partner that people need. Also for business owners who are only just starting out, or for those who have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. We offer start-up entrepreneurs flexible contract terms, and our coronavirus support fund prevents financial losses from turning into social hardship. Because even after the crisis we want to remain true to our promise: ‘Where life lives’.

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Space for success to grow

Other people’s success gives us the courage and motivation we need to pursue our own path in life. Many success stories have been written in Deutsche Wohnen commercial spaces. And often in spaces that have discovered a whole new purpose. Such as a supermarket that was transformed into a large dental clinic and a washhouse that was turned into a childcare facility.

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Support during the coronavirus pandemic

We are all too aware that the current situation is extremely challenging for many business owners and are making every effort to provide them with income-based support so they can remain with us as tenants.

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