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More and more people are moving to cities or metropolitan regions.

It's a trend that's set to continue: in 2019, around 77% of Germany’s population were already living in cities. By 2050, that figure will be as high as 84%. Living space is more sought-after than ever and it takes a long time for many people to find the right home.

We understand this challenge and our social responsibility to maintain and develop urgently needed living space. The focus is on dynamic metropolitan areas and urban centres, where future-oriented and viable residential concepts become a reality. We want to promote vibrant developments with a vital sense of neighbourhood spirit.

Deutsche Wohnen makes sustainable investments in order to meet customer requirements now and in the future. That's why we're prioritising the ongoing improvement of energy efficiency in our properties. We are also making careful and sensible improvements to the quality of our housing stock. This helps create lively neighbourhoods where you can sample the buzz of the city or enjoy the peace of the outer suburbs. Neighbourhoods that families, couples, seniors, single people and houseshares can all call home.

“City life can be pretty hectic. So it’s all the more important that you can find peace at home.”

helps people find a home

How Karim helps people find the right place to live

Karim is Deputy Letting Manager at Deutsche Wohnen.

Her role as CSR manager is to develop Deutsche Wohnen's sustainability strategy and entrench it in the company's processes.

Kati is working towards a greener future for the property sector. He wants everyone to find the right place for them, where they can feel good. A wonderful challenge. After all, city life is all about variety and diversity. Every area and every district is different. People are unique, and have their own particular needs. If you’re looking for a home, you take this into account. After all, you want to move somewhere that’s a good fit for you.

For Karim, it's important to take new tenants’ individual preferences into account and find them a home that suits them right down to the ground. Ultimately, everyone should be able to identify with their new surroundings and truly feel at home. However, he also knows that identification and comfort aren’t automatic. They take a lot of work.

More communication improves neighbourhood living

Karim and his team are in constant contact with customer advisors and technicians on site. They take note of requests and suggestions, which allows ongoing improvements to be made to customer service and what’s on offer. The biggest challenge: the many different people at various ages and stages of life who make up a neighbourhood. Concierges and customer advisors who respond to concerns and sometimes even mediate between neighbours are one way of bridging the gap between these differences. This helps create communication and a lasting feeling of wellbeing.

A feelgood neighbourhood

Karim has already found the right place for him. He enjoys the peace and quiet where he lives. However, he also appreciates being five minutes’ walk from the heart of the action and enjoying the wide range of restaurants on offer in the local area. He also enjoys the feeling of familiarity in the local area. He knows most of his neighbours and they say hello to each other. Karim believs this daily greeting contributes hugely to his sense of satisfaction. Where life lives.

In terms of the campaign, dialogue is extremely important to Karim. He wants to start a conversation with critics and supporters. Getting tenants on board to tell their stories is important to him. He wants to show that the overwhelming majority of residents are happy with their Deutsche Wohnen homes. The stats speak for themselves: in a 2020 survey, over 87% of tenants said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their homes. Proof of Karim's excellent work.

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Our support through the coronavirus crisis

In the global pandemic, it’s more important than ever for your home to be a safe haven. At Deutsche Wohnen, we’re doing all we can to ensure you feel healthy and secure there. We’re also aware that the current situation is posing a huge challenge for many business owners. Our coronavirus support fund is available to help tenants hit particularly hard by the coronavirus situation.

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Sustainable building for the future

Deutsche Wohnen is helping create urgently needed living space in growth regions. After all, we want to help shape the neighbourhoods and cities of tomorrow, making them vibrant, modern and neighbourly.

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Our tenant promise

Climate action isn’t possible without energy-related refurbishment. We’re relieving our tenants of the anxiety that they might lose their flat due to renovation measures or future increases in rent.

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As unique and diverse as our customers

From classic modern estates and bigger housing developments to stylish old buildings – Deutsche Wohnen offers a variety of different types of property. We want to create vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods for our customers – places to feel good in.

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